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Welcome to West Seneca Youth & Recreation

The Recreation Department offers a diverse range of activities and classes for all ages. We strive to provide Quality, Affordable, Safe Programming options for all members of the community. Classes, programs, and events are scheduled seasonally. Please check our website for updates.

We are proud to provide you with our activity registration system and website. For an overview please click here. To get started please Create an Account with all your household information. The data provided - emergency contacts, medical information, etc. - will help us better serve you. This info will also be automatically placed into your registration forms. Please note that if you enter your address incorrectly (or any other information) at the time of account creation, you could be assessed as a Non-Resident and assigned Non-Resident status. The department will not be notified by the system of this. You will need to contact our office, during our regular hours of operation if you believe you were assigned the incorrect status (Non-Resident if you reside at an address that pays Town of West Seneca property taxes). This could take our office 1-5 business days to correct. We will not hold a spot in any program, for any reason, at any time. If the system believes you entered your address incorrectly and is assigning you Non-Resident status, it will provide you with an error message and the opportunity to correct the issue (be assigned Resident status) or choose to remain as a Non-Resident. Please take your time when creating your account and ensure you details are entered correctly, to avoid any issues.

When you’re ready to start registering for activities, be sure to review the How to Register for an Activity page. The Help page can be found here.

We urge all of our residents to continue to follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, the NYS Health Department and the Erie County Health Department related to COVID-19 (and other health-related items). We will continue to make your health and the health of our community our highest priority. 

What if I pay West Seneca School District Taxes but not West Seneca Property Taxes?
Paying WSCSD School District taxes has never qualified someone for Resident Status. To be considered a Resident the address must pay Town of West Seneca property taxes. School District taxes do not qualify you for a Resident Status or Discounted Rate. In regards to taxes school taxes and town property taxes are two separate tax bases. School taxes only go to the West Seneca Central School District and do not come back to the Town of West Seneca to fund any Town facilities/services. Town of West Seneca property taxes fund the Town of West Seneca Recreation Department (and other departments, services, and facilities). The Splash Pad, Veterans Park Pool, Community Center & Library, and Recreation Department/Programs are Town of West Seneca entities. Due to this the discounted rate/Resident Status is for those way pay Town of West Seneca property taxes. If you have questions regarding what is covered by your school district tax bill please contact the school district directly. 
If you have questions regarding what your property taxes cover, please contact the town directly that you pay property taxes in. For an overview on what West Seneca property taxes cover please visit: https://cleargov.com/new-york/erie/town/west-seneca

After the registration end date, regardless of if spots remain available or open during the program, we will not accept any additional program sign-ups. This is to allow our department time to properly prepare for the program. Please keep an eye on the end date, listed on the program page as they vary by program/event. Some programs registration remains open the entire length of the program, while for other programs/events registration closes prior to the program start date (based on factors needed to prepare for the program). 

For programs that registration is by AGE or GRADE - We will not allow youth younger or older than the accepted age or grade range to attend a different program/session for a different age range. There are no exceptions. We strive to create a program that is safe, successful, and fair for all.

If spots fill, we will not be running a waitlist. If someone cancels their enrollment prior to the registration end date, registration will open again (for the open spot only). That open spot or spots will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will make our best effort to post open spots, as they become available on our social media. We hope to give everyone a fair chance at securing a spot, regardless of their initial registration time.