West Seneca Youth & Recreation
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Computer, mouse, credit cards.

Accepted Payment Methods
Recreation Office: Cash*, Check**, Money Order** or Credit Cards*** are accepted at the Recreation Office.
Online: CREDIT CARD ONLY *** are accepted online.

The preferred method of registration and payment is online with a credit card.

If you are unable to register and/or pay online, you must set up your household online account (with all family members) before mailing or coming into the office to register for a program. We will not create an account for you but we can assist you. If you are paying by mail we will only accept check/money order. If you are paying in our office the preferred payment method is credit card or check. We will accept cash at our office. Please advised that there is a credit card transaction fee applied to all credit card transactions, this is set by the processing company and is an additional fee on top your bill. West Seneca Youth & Recreation has no control over this fee.

There is an ATM at Town Hall. There is a fee to use the ATM at Town Hall.