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West Seneca Summer Day Camp 2022
A highly active outdoor sports camp for ages 6-10. The registration age cutoff date is the first program date (7/6/22).

The program is limited to 30 campers per week.

Due to COVID-19 this program is limited to Town of West Seneca Residents only. Any person who resides at an address that pays Town of West Seneca property taxes is considered a resident (school taxes do not qualify you as a resident).

The program will run weekly from 7/6/2022 – 8/5/2022.

Due to COVID-19 this program is limited to Town of West Seneca Residents only.

The program will follow all NYSDOH/ECDOH Children’s Camp regulations, the departments approved NYSDOH/ECDOH Safety Plan and all NYSDOH/ECDOH COVID-19 Children’s Camp regulations. Due to these regulations the program could change its policies at any time, trips/on-site guests could be cancelled at any time, and/or activities could change at any time.

This program is contingent upon proper staffing levels and could be cancelled for any length of time, at any time, including before the program starts and/or after the program starts. 

The program could shut down at any time due to COVID-19.  

There could be no notice or warning if a last minute shutdown occurs.

2022 SDC Fees

We do not offer the ability to sign up for one, two, three, or four days per week. We only offer the ability to register on a weekly basis. We must follow NYS Health Department camper to staff ratios. We would not be able to fill the spot with another camper on the days your camper is not attending. You may choose to only send your campers on certain days, but you do pay for the full week of programming. There is no discount, credit, or refund issued for missed days.

A down payment is required to secure your spot, to avoid any late fees final payment is due by June 1, 2022. Down payment requirements and late fees are outlined in the Parent Handbook.

You must submit your child’s immunization records and a doctor's physical form within the last 12 months at the time of registration for your registration to be processed. Please have them ready to upload to your MyRec account.

Registration Starts
April 25, 2022, at 10:00 AM
Registration Ends
June 1, 2022, or when spots are full, whichever comes first.
Final Payments Due
June 1, 2022, at 3:00 PM. Late fees will be added to all accounts with outstanding balances at/after 3:00 PM.

How to Register
We are proud to provide you with our activity registration system and website. For an overview, please visit: http://www.westseneca.net/application/files/5016/0743/5963/MyRec_FAQ.pdf
To get started please Create an Account at www.WestSenecaRecreation.com (https://westsenecany.myrec.com/info/household/add_step_01.aspx) with all your household information. The data provided - emergency contacts, medical information, etc. - will help us better serve you. This info will also be automatically placed into your registration forms.

When you’re ready to start registering for activities such as Summer Day Camp, be sure to review the How to Register for an Activity (https://westsenecany.myrec.com/info/tutorial/) page. This page gives written and video step by steps on how to register for an activity.
Regardless of the registration method, you must have an online account created. You can register one of two ways:

  1.       Online – Instant Registration visit www.WestSenecaRecreation.com

  2.       Paper Form – Visit www.WestSenecaRecreation.com to complete the paperwork and then submit it with payment to our office.

  3.       Via Mail: Recreation, 1250 Union Road, West Seneca, NY, 14224

  4.       In Person: Recreation Office, 1300 Union Road, West Seneca, NY, 14224. Please make an appointment (appointments are Monday – Friday between 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM or 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM).

  5.       Please note that you cannot come into our office without the proper paperwork from our website completed. If you do not have access to a computer, internet, or printer, please visit this link or call our office 716-674-6086 to explore your options: http://www.westseneca.net/application/files/5016/0743/5963/MyRec_FAQ.pdf

  6.       Please note that online registration is instant, if spots are available after you register and check out, the program participant is registered. Paper form registration spots are not secured until the department receives your form completed in full with payment in full. If there are zero spots left when the department receives your paperwork and payment, the registration is not processed, the paperwork and payment will be returned to you and a spot in the program will not be reserved. We highly suggest registering online.

Required Items (Camper)
Your camper must bring the following items every day. Failure to do so could result in (a) the camper not being permitted into the program or (b) you being charged a fee or (c) the camper not being permitted to partake in activities and having to sit out (d) the camper being ejected from the program for the remainder of the year (no refund will be issued). All items must be labeled with the campers’ first and last name.

  •         Face Covering

  •         Water Bottle

  •         Lunch (non-perishable, we will not have coolers/fridges or anywhere to store and keep lunches cool)

  •         Bathing Suit

  •         Towel

  •         Change of Clothes in a plastic bag

  •         Sneakers and Socks

Summer Day Camp 2022 On-Site Guests
Please note that the below listed on-site trips and guests could change at any time or be canceled at any time with no notice and they will not be rescheduled. Hands-on activities could be limited or not allowed due to COVID-19 and are subject to availability by the vendors. There are no off-site trips/field trips in 2022. 
2022 SDC on Site Guests
Arrival and Departure Procedure (Change)
Drop Off:
Parents and/or Guardians are required to walk their camper in for the day and pick them up for the day. Parents/Guardians cannot leave until any required prescreening is completed. Campers will not be admitted in for the day without a parent or guardian. All campers are required to be signed in on the attendance sheet within the Ice Rink lobby when they arrive by their parent or guardian.  

A staff member may screen your camper by checking for required items before the camper is admitted into the program. If your camper does not pass the screening and/or does not have the required items he/she will be sent home for the day (no refund will be issued).

Your child needs to arrive at camp no later than 9:00 AM daily to ensure they do not miss out on field trips and other activities. In the event of late arrival, the child may not be admitted into camp that day. A refund will not be issued.

Campers will not be admitted into the program if they arrive without sneakers on their feet, a water bottle (separate drink from their lunch drink), and a lunch. 

***Absences from camp must be called in to (716)674-6086 before 9:00 A.M.*** Please leave a voicemail, if there is no answer. You can also email absences by 9:00 AM to lmasset@twsny.org

The drop-off policy could change at any time, with no notice or warning. 

Pick Up:
Parents/Guardians are required to enter the Ice Rink and pick up their camper for the day.  All campers must be signed out by a parent or an authorized person designated on the camper’s registration form.  If someone else must pick up your child or if your child is going home with an older sibling, you must send in a written note ahead of time notifying the Camp Program Director or they must be listed at the time of registration. Phone calls are not acceptable. Our staff will require identification from anyone picking up your child whom they do not recognize. Our staff reserve the right to not release the camper to any person who does not have proper ID and/or is not listed as an approved pick up on the registration form (regardless if a note was sent in). 

Post-Camp Supervision runs 4:00 – 5:30 PM. Parents/Guardians of the enrolled child will be charged $2.00 per minute per family after 5:30 PM. If a parent has not shown up by 5:30 PM Town of West Seneca staff will attempt to contact the campers Emergency Contacts for pick up. If we cannot reach any of the contacts by 5:40 PM and/or the child is not picked up by 6:00 PM the West Seneca Police will be contacted. Payment of fees for late pick up must be made no later than the next morning in full or the camper(s) will not be permitted to stay at camp until fees are paid. If a child is picked up late more than three (3) times in a season the child may be ejected from the camp program with no refund. There are no exceptions to this policy. Campers must be picked up on time.

The pickup policy could change at any time, with no notice or warning. 

Mask Policy

  • Staff are required to wear face coverings at all times, even if fully vaccinated, to model wearing a face covering when with children/campers at times when children/campers must wear face coverings.

  • Staff who are fully vaccinated (for two weeks) and have a copy of their COVID-19 vaccine card on file with the department, can remove their face coverings when outside and at least 15 feet away from campers and not engaging in any camp activities (i.e., on break, before/after shift, etc.).

  • Veterans Park Complex is considered an outdoor public space.  Therefore, campers will be required to wear a face-covering at all times unless they are socially distanced 6 ft. apart from one another, eating, drinking, showering, or participating in water activities/play.

  • Campers must wear masks at all times when inside unless they are socially distanced 6 ft. apart from one another.  This includes restrooms with multiple stalls.

  • Campers will be given mask breaks when indoors and outdoors throughout the day.

  • Campers should bring a second face covering with them, in the event theirs becomes soiled, damp, etc., throughout the day.

  • Acceptable face coverings for COVID-19 include but are not limited to cloth-based 2-ply face coverings and disposable masks that securely cover both the mouth and nose (bandanas, buffs and face shields are not acceptable face coverings).

  • If your camper cannot tolerate a face covering, you must provide a doctor’s note which states the campers name, the reason they cannot tolerate the face covering, and the dates to/from that they cannot tolerate the face covering. This note must be submitted to lmasset@twsny.org a minimum of one week before the camper attends the program.

  • The mask policy could change at any time, with no notice or warning. 

COVID-19 Symptoms Policy 
Parents/Guardians must pre-screen their campers for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 each day within one hour prior to dropping your camper off.  Parents/Guardians must ensure that their camper can answer NO to each question below prior to sending their camper to camp each day.  If the answer is YES to any question below, you must keep your camper home.

  1. Has your camper knowingly been in close or proximate contact in the past 10 days with anyone who has tested positive through a diagnostic test for COVID-19?

  2. Has your camper or anyone in the camper’s household tested positive through a diagnostic test for COVID-19 or had inconclusive test results in the past 10 days?

  3. Does your camper or anyone in the camper’s household have pending diagnostic test results for COVID-19?  

  4. Has your camper experienced any symptoms of COVID-19, including, but not limited to, a temperature of greater than 100.0 F (degrees) in the past 14 days?  If your camper is not fever-free, without the assistance of medicine for 48 hours, your camper cannot attend camp.  

  5. Has your camper traveled internationally or for a period of 24 hours or more within another State (other than Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Vermont) in the past 14 days?  

There will be no refunds for non-attendance related to COVID-19.  The requirement that parents/guardians must conduct a pre-screen will be strictly enforced.  If we determine there has been a failure to abide by the pre-screen requirements, a camper and all other campers in the same household may be asked to leave the camp for the remainder of the 2022 camp season and may not be eligible to register for camp in 2023. 

The Town of West Seneca reserves the right to pre-screen any camper at the time of drop off with the above questions, additional questions, symptom check, and/or temperature check. 

If a camper is sent home and/or not admitted into the program for a temperature over 99°, experiencing signs/symptoms of COVID, positive screening answers, or otherwise based on concerns related to COVID signs/symptoms, they will not be permitted to return to the program until they can (a) provide a negative COVID-19 test; (b) provide a doctor’s note with an alternative diagnosis (note must state the camper can return to camp and must also state what is causing the symptoms); or (c) does not attend the program for 10 days. Refunds will not be issued in these cases.

The COVID-19 screening process could change at any time, with no notice or warning. 

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Veteran's Park Summer Day Camp 
6 - 10 N/A MTuWThF  07/06/2022 - 08/05/2022
07:30 AM - 05:30 PM

Veterans Park - West Seneca Ice Rink
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  Registration Unavailable
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Waitlist for Summer Day Camp 
6 - 10 N/A MTuWThF  07/06/2022 - 08/05/2022
07:30 AM - 05:30 PM

Veterans Park - West Seneca Ice Rink
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If slots are full in our Summer Day Camp Program please sign up for the waitlist. The waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the program.
* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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