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Open Public Swim (All Ages) and Adult Swim (Ages 18+)

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Closing Date: August 4, 2021
Thank-you for a great season, see you in 2022!

Due to limited staffing issues (Supervising Lifeguard Shortage: Head Guards and Asst. Pool Supervisors) the pool operated on a limited schedule, for a limited season at limited capacity. Recruit efforts began in December of 2020, included offering up to a $500 Bonus/Certification Cost Reimbursement, increasing rates of pay by $1/hour and more. The departments 2021 recruitment efforts can be found here: https://westsenecany.myrec.com/info/news/details.aspx?NewsID=4527 

Again, This issue is not related to a shortage in regular Lifeguards. This issue is related to a shortage of Supervising Lifeguards (Asst. Pool Supervisors and Head Guards). 

Veterans Park Pool Plan - Limited Schedule 2021 (Updated: 6/17/2021)

This plan could change with no notice, at any time. 

NYS lifted COVID Guidelines for this facility on 6/15/21. The department confirmed with ECDOH on 6/16/21. ECDOH advised that unvaccinated patrons must wear a face covering at all times, except when in the water, vaccinated patrons are not required to wear a face covering and the patron vaccination status operates on the honor system. ECDOH further advised that water fountains, changing rooms and showers can re-open. 

The department will continue to follow all NYSDOH/ECDOH regulations for Public Pools and the ECDOH approved Safety Plan. These regulations and safety plan are un-related to COVID-19. 

The department reserves the right to cancel a program or close the facility at any time for any reason. This includes low staffing, weather, low attendance, maintenance issues, health issues, power outage, etc. The area could be closed for an unknown amount of time.

The Veterans Park Pool will be limited to Town of West Seneca Residents only. A resident is any person who resides at an address that pays Town of West Seneca property taxes. A membership card is also required. Any person who does not present a valid membership card at time of admission will not be admitted into the complex. Information on how to obtain a membership card can be found here: https://westsenecany.myrec.com/info/activities/program_details.aspx?ProgramID=29834

The Veterans Park Large Pool Rules can be found here: https://westsenecany.myrec.com/forms/5962_veterans_park_aquatics_complex_large_pool_rules.pdf

Open Public Swim is for any person, of any age. 

Adult Swim is for any person 18 years of age or older. 

Capacity is limited to 100 patrons (in the facility at a time). 

Admission is first come, first serve.

All patrons must scan their membership card, to sign in at arrival. 

There is no re-entry upon exit, if the capacity of the facility is at maximum capacity. 

Patrons must follow all local laws, NYSDOH/ECDOH regulations, facility/program rules in order to participate. Anyone not following these items will be asked to leave. 

Opening Date: July  6, 2021
Closing Date: August 4, 2021

2:00 - 2:50 PM - Weekly In Service
3:00 - 7:00 PM - Open Public Swim

2:00 - 2:50 PM - Adult Swim
3:00 - 7:00 PM - Open Public Swim

2:00 - 7:00 PM - Open Public Swim (with Day Camp Swim from 2:00 - 3:30 PM)

2:00 - 2:50 PM - Adult Swim
3:00 - 7:00 PM - Open Public Swim

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Closed

Admission Fees
Membership Card Holders: $0
Guests (ie: anyone without a membership card):
Will not be permitted in 2021.

Please review the attached Veterans Park Aquatics Complex Rules and Operational Guide before entering the facility. These documents can be found below.

In addition please be advised that glass containers, food, radios, blue tooth speakers, etc are not permitted into the complex at anytime due to safety reasons. Failure to follow the facility rules, entering with glass containers/food or playing music will result in you being ejected from the facility and could result in suspension of use for you and your household for up to one year. Furthermore, the West Seneca Police may be contacted.  

Closing Early and/or Not-Opening:
Should one or both pools close early due to any of the following factors (but not limited to) weather, staffing levels, attendance levels, etc... last-minute updates will be posted on the department's Facebook (West Seneca Youth & Recreation).

The hours and amenities may vary, please check our social media pages for any schedule changes and or early closures.   There may be times where one pool is closed, the diving well is closed and/or other sections of the pool(s) or complex is closed. Regular admission fees and all policies still apply. 

In the event, we face a lifeguard shortage or hired lifeguards are not available to work at any point during the season the goal will be to open the wading pool/mushroom and then portions of and/or the entire large pool. Regular admission fees and all policies still apply. 

Please note that the Large Pool & Wading Pool needs to have a minimum number of lifeguards who are properly certified on duty (in rotation) in order to operate. If staffing levels do not meet these requirements then one or both pools may (a) not open or (b) close early. Information regarding these requirements can be found below, in the ECDOH Safety Plans. 

* The Veterans Park Large Pool may close early if:
In the event the Aquatics Complex is closed due to weather:
A. Before 4:59 PM for a period of one hour or longer, the shall close for the remainder of the day. Staff shall be sent home.
B. After 5:00 PM for any period of time the pool will close for the remainder of the day. Staff shall be sent home.

A.) Anytime after 6:00 PM should the large pool have an attendance of zero patrons the pool will close for the remainder of the day.
Two (2) employees will remain at the pool secure the grounds and enter the closing procedure. These employees will then be sent home.
In the event, the Aquatics Complex is forced to close due to a power outage both pools shall close for the remainder of the day regardless of the time. Staff shall be sent home. Two (2) employees will remain at the pool secure the grounds and enter the closing procedure. These employees will then be sent home.
In the event we are unable to meet the minimum staffing requirements as outlined in the ECDOH/NYSDOH approved safety plan (below) than portions of one or both pools, portions of the aquatics complex, one or both pools may not open and/or close early. 
This will be based on New York State/Erie County Health Department regulations/recommendations, the issue, steps needed to rectify the issue and the availability of B&G staff. The pool could close for the entire length of the day.
The NYSDOH/ECDOH and the Town of West Seneca reserves the right to close any section or the entire aquatics complex at any time due to COVID-19. This could be in the event of a single case or multiple cases among patrons or staff. This will cause a change in the status of the pool hours, services and/or could cause the pool to close fully for an unknown amount of time. In the event Swim Lessons cannot run due to COVID-19 the town will prorate refund the classes.

Why are goggles or snorkel masks not allowed in the pool?
Unfortunately snorkel masks, or any goggles that covers the nose, are not allowed in the pool. These masks inhibit the rescue breaths during CPR (in an emergency). This becomes especially dangerous during an emergency of an injury to the head, neck or spine. Removal of the mask under these conditions could cause further harm or death because the injured parts of the body that need to be immobilized would have to be moved.

Why are balls, toys and inflatables not allowed in the pool?
Ball and toys of any kind are also not allowed in the pool. They often became a nuisance or a danger to other swimmers. All inflatable’s are also prohibited. Inflatable’s such as inflatable water wings and rafts, provide a false sense of security to a weaker swimmer who can drown when these fail to keep swimmers afloat or deflate. Water wing vests approved by the USCG are allowed. Other inflatable’s such as beach balls and rafts, inhibit life guarding as they cover so much space in the pool. Older swimmers and children can easily slip behind or under these inflatable’s and become distressed or begin to drown outside of the guards ranges of vision. Small non-inflatable’s toys are allowed in the Spray Pool as long as they do not harm other patrons.

Why do minors under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult?
Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult for both safety and supervision reasons. This is a standard policy for all Town of West Seneca Recreation programs which have open admission rather than pre-registration.